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Construction Layout Surveys

By using the preset project control points, robotic total stations, and real-time GNSS, we layout all sections of the project with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. We provide Horizontal and Vertical Layout for all components and types of construction projects. Our expertise, knowledge and resources allows us to scale up when needed by the contractor. CSS can assure the highest level of service and desired outcomes through our daily routines, checks and communication with all parties involved, no matter how complex the layout maybe on any project.

Pre-Engineering Surveys

CSS conducts detailed topographic surveys of all natural and man-made features within and around a project site or corridor.  We also tie-in and verify all existing control and legal monuments, and set project specific horizontal and vertical controls.  Our pre-engineering approach facilitates quick and accurate construction design, layout, and as-built surveys at later stages of any project.

Material Quantity/Volume Calculations

CSS is a licensed user of the industry standard software packages to assist our client with construction material quantity and volume calculations. Our calculations can be used at all stages of the project. From the tendering stage, to enhance the knowledge of our client on what to expect at various key points of the project, or even during the project, our calculations can be used to plan for payment certificates.

Control Surveys

CSS has extensive knowledge and experience in geodetic control network, and horizontal & vertical photo-control surveys. Several geodetic project control networks designed, implemented, processed, and adjusted by the experienced staff of CSS have all been accepted into COSINE.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Data Collection

Our knowledge and expertise in GIS data collection has made CSS the go to company for several of the largest construction companies in Canada. We use a combination of GPS and highly precise reflector-less total station to collect GIS data quickly and accurately in real time and process the information using sophisticated data handling software to assure accuracy and quality control. In addition, we can export the processed final data in any format required by the client.

Utility Inventory Surveys

We have developed our own method to assure precise inventory database population. Our use of GPS and other augmentation accessories, has made the need for counting inventory obsolete. We can determine your pile volume, number of logs, or number of concrete pipes in your stock with precision and on time when you need it.

Wireless Communication Positioning

CSS has expertise and experience in wireless communication positioning in terms of antennae azimuth determination and orientation for PCS and paging systems, as well as communication satellite dishes orientation are on the cutting edge. We provide these high valued services using GPS technology augmented with highly precise electronic total station and a specially manufactured accessory for this purpose.

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