Featured Projects

The project was the first rapid replacement of a multi-span continuous bridge in North America. CSS was contracted by Dufferin Construction to provide all the survey services on this project. The achievement was recognized with the Project of the Year Award in the Civil engineering category from Hamilton/Halton Engineering Week in February. The new structure remains continuous and does not require any expansion joints which are potential sources of deterioration. The complete bridge superstructure replacement was designed to address the unique topography and congestion of the site. A small hill beside the highway was removed to from the casting location for the main panels and areas adjacent the abutments were benched and formed to support the casting of the end panels. The surveying of these bridge components was complex and required a very high degree of accuracy since they were built offsite. The crucial tolerance had to be met at all costs for the parts to fit as designed.

The project consists of the replacement of the Highway 3 Grand River Bridge located just west of Cayuga, Ontario. The existing bridge is a five-span steel truss with concrete deck, piers and abutments. This bridge measures 187 Meters in length, weighs 2,700,000 kgs and was moved into place using 12 30-ton lateral jacks in 7 hours. This was the longest bridge in Canada that was moved this way (August 2016). The project involved:

  • the construction of a dock along the shores of the Grand River for barge access
  • Installation of independent temporary piers and foundations adjacent to the existing bridge
  • Installation of the foundation and substructure to occur off the barges Installation of girders. Installation of temporary retaining wall and shoring to allow for construction of detour approaches
  • Removal of deck on the existing structure at the piers and Installation of work platform around the existing piers to allow for pier cap widening
  • Installation of a temporary skid-way for the temporary foundation to the existing rehabilitated and widened pier
  • Jack up the new bridge and install rollers
  • Jack the entire bridge to the north into the existing alignment
  • Installation of the expansion joints and asphalt pavement of final approaches
  • Removal of existing detour and temporary foundation from the barge.

CSS provided all the survey and monitoring required for the entire project. The final bridge placement to assure the jack and slide of the bridge fit within expected tolerance of +/- 3mm where met.

The consortium comprises some of Canada’s largest construction companies such as Aecon and Dufferin Construction. The project began in Spring of 2012 and launched in the summer of 2015. The entire project was expected to cost $456 million. Undertaken as part of the Georgetown South Project, the work consisted of five new road overpasses and two road underpasses, one railway grade separation, one bridge reconstruction and the widening of 15 other bridges, construction/re-construction of four stations, major track and grading construction, signal installations utility relocations, as well as the new 3.3 km elevated spur to and from the airport. This work was conducted while minimizing disruption to existing train operations, residents and businesses. CSS was able to effectively deal with all rail issues due to our extensive knowledge of rail corridor facilities.

The City of Mississauga’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project. “This transit project is unprecedented and the largest the City has undertaken in its history,” said Mayor Hazel McCallion. The City of Mississauga, in partnership with GO Transit, is constructing a new busway which will run along the Highway 403, Eastgate Parkway and Eglinton Avenue corridors.

The BRT Project is funded by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario, GO Transit and the City of Mississauga through the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund.

The Toronto-York Spadina subway line where the extension will go from the existing Downsview station to the new Sheppard West station and on to the new Finch West station.  The Project includes construction of the new Sheppard West station, an integrated subway / GO Transit rail station to be located southeast of Sheppard Avenue and Bakersfield Street, at the north end of Downsview Park.  A three-level station, will be built approximately 110,000 square feet and is intended to provide access for existing and future facilities and developments in the Keele Industrial Area located to the north of Sheppard Avenue, as well as to Downsview Park.   In addition, the project will include the construct of 2.6 kilometers of twin tunnel subway track from the north end of Downsview Station, through the new Sheppard West station, to the new Finch West station. The twin tunnels will cross underneath Allen Road, several commercial/industrial properties and Sheppard Avenue West.

The Highway 407 East Transportation Corridor will be implemented in 2 phases. Phase 1 includes 32.0 km of highway from east of the Brock Road interchange in Pickering to east of Harmony Road in Oshawa and the highway 412.   Phase 2 will be divided in 2 parts. Phase 2A from Harmony Road to Taunton Road/East Durham Link and phase 2B includes the section from Taunton/East Durham Link to Highway 35/115, and a 10.0 km north-south highway 418 connecting Highway 407 East and Highway 401. CSS survey services included accurate control networks, layout of bridge structures, grade verification and infrastructures.

We have worked on a variety of airports including, Pearson International, Vancouver International, Edmonton International, Calgary International, Regina International and Waterloo. Our services encompassed the new construction and expansion of runways, aprons, taxiways and terminal buildings. CSS also provided survey services for terminal roads and highway modifications related to the airport development.

CSS provided all the survey services required to widen the Trans-Canada highway just north of Lake Louise, Alberta to the British Columbia border. The project was multi-year and included building two new bridges. The construction area was located in very sensitive environmental areas throughout the province of Alberta. CSS took great care in ensuring the work followed all the strict guidelines required to work in the area.

Provided survey services regarding the Widening, Dividing and twinning highways for the above projects.

Provided survey services regarding Ship Canal alignments, Reconstruction of tie-up docks and lock rehabilitations.

Provided survey services related to servicing, grading, road work, building and infrastructure layout. We have worked on Prologis in Mississauga, Square-one, Smart-Centers’, Reit-Centers’ and major grocery and retail outlets.

Provided survey services for sub-stations and co-generation stations at Goreway, Portland, Halton. We were also involved in infrastructure layout at the Pickering and Chalk River Nuclear plants.