Complete Survey Solutions Inc. (CSS) has been providing professional and accurate survey solutions to the construction and engineering community since 2001. We have the resources to handle both large and small projects that our customers may require. Our survey services include highway, industrial, as well as commercial construction layout.

Our organization has served the province of Ontario for over 15 years. Through the application of emerging technologies coupled with our highly trained and professional personnel, we achieve the highest reliable data and layout possible to meet all the survey requirements of our customers.


We expect all employee, at every level, to conduct themselves in accordance with our code of Conduct. CSS is a relationship-focused company whose success depends on having the trust and confidence of our clients.


CSS assures that we will conduct ourselves in a lawful and ethical manner at all times. As an organization, we strive to establish honesty and trustworthiness in all our business relationships.


CSS is committed to providing our clients with superior quality service to assure the best value possible at all levels and price points. CSS achieves this high level of quality through our continuous improvement policy and utilizing technological innovations available in our industry.


Our organization prides itself in having a professional work culture, where customer satisfaction comes first. Our expertise in the survey industry combined with our thoroughness makes us stand out from our peers.


Safety on the job is a priority at CSS. We are committed to ensuring that all safety and health requirements are met. Our staff employs all the necessary equipment, tools, and procedures to assure the risk is minimized. Our internal policies strictly adhere to all pertinent health and safety laws and regulations.

Confidential information

CSS will not disclose confidential information that is not available or accessible to the public without consent from the client or required by law to disclose.