Professional Surveying - Why We Matter

The construction industry is ranked as the 2nd most likely for companies going bankrupt. Therefore, generating a return on all projects is critical to a construction company’s sustainability. Survey services are critical anchoring services to every construction project. Surveying impacts every phase of all projects. Therefore, the importance to evaluate your surveyor company properly is one of the most important decisions a construction company can make in improving the probability of success on any project.

Unfortunately, standard practice is the lowest bid method to hire a professional surveyor. Usually the only consideration is price and very little or no value is attributed to the knowledge, experience, professionalism, reliability and accuracy capabilities of the organization being hired. Limiting the decision-making factors to only price increases the risk significantly in choosing a sub-optimal survey company. All construction companies have experienced the impact of having the wrong survey company on a project. The havoc caused on the profitability of a project by a survey gone wrong can be catastrophic.

To properly review and assess your survey company and make them a long-term partner choice you should consider the following:

  • Professional staff with the proper experience both in the field and office
  • Scalability to meet the challenges that may arise on a job-site
  • Have a track record of providing accurate and reliable information on time
  • Have internal resources and controls to detect errors in data received
  • Use of the latest technology to ensure the customer receives the best quality of service available in the
  • Scope of projects done to assure they have a wide range of experience necessary to ensure the project the construction company is working on
  • The have a long-standing reputation in the industry

What makes CSS remarkable and an industry leader in construction surveying today is our commitment to provide our customers with the highest possible level of accurate reliable data and survey services with rapid turnaround times, and focus on project performance and profits of the contractor.

CSS achieves high customer satisfaction through the development of well-coordinated teams of specialist and experts in the office and field. We have implemented a well-designed system to ensure communication between all key components is effective, on time and to customer expectations.

We are the go-to organization for construction survey services in Ontario. CSS has developed a wide range of packages to suit every construction company’s needs at market level pricing. CSS is the hassle-free professional survey company where construction companies get the expertise, knowledge and risk assurance necessary to have the proper survey results needed to tackle all your needs during a construction project.